Headed by an FAA-licensed commercial drone pilot, New England Drone Solutions LLC provides safe, legal aerial and ground-based photographic and videographic services to Connecticut and throughout the beautiful southern New England region.

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The Services

Real Estate | Photogrammetry | Marketing & Social Assets | Inspection | Construction Monitoring | Instruction

Real Estate

Aerial photography is not an add-on or an afterthought. In today’s market there is no better way to represent a property than with images that show every aspect of it – from the ground up.

That’s why every real estate package offered by New England Drone Solutions includes both aerial and ground-based coverage of your listings. And the focus on technology doesn’t just stop with the drones. I’ve brought some of Canon’s latest imaging technology to bear on the task of making sure your listings stand out from top to bottom.

Real estate pricing and services can be found here.


Sometimes the satellite view on Google Maps just won’t get you where you need to be. For those times, an accurate map of an area captured from a couple hundred feet up by a drone might just fit the bill perfectly. 

While these solutions are not survey-quality (you have to be a surveyor for that and I would never represent myself as a surveyor) they are high resolution and highly accurate and may provide just what you need.

Business Marketing & Social Assets

What better way to showcase your outdoor dining area or new expansion than with coverage from the air? What about some images and video of your outdoor events captured from 50 feet above the party? Make your marketing materials and social media presence pop with something other than the same phone camera pictures shot from the ground that everyone else is taking and posting. 

I’ll work with you to make sure your aerial photos and videos highlight your business exactly as you’d like to be seen and then give you high-quality footage to send to your marketing and social media managers.


From rooftops to farmland, my high-resolution cameras see (and record) everything. Whether you need a view of a rooftop without taking on the physical danger of climbing up onto one or a bird’s-eye view of your farmland to look for dead spots or missing crops, there’s nothing a slow pass from low altitude won’t reveal. Then use the data we’ve collected together to make future plans or address issues immediately, before they become bigger problems.

I can arrange for a one-time flyover or ongoing monitoring that meets any need.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Put an eye in the sky over your ongoing construction projects and document the process from start to finish. Once contracted, you’ll get regularly scheduled visits to your site and I’ll remain in the air for as long as necessary to capture whatever level of detail you’d like. What better way to delight a current client and wow a prospective new client than with high-resolution imagery of your firm’s skills and abilities? Once the project is complete, why not combine it all into a time-lapse that can be posted on your social channels or used in TV advertising?


At New England Drone Solutions, I don’t just keep my knowledge to myself. With on-location, hands-on flight training I’ll make sure you’re comfortable handling your new drone investment and managing the multitude of tasks you’ll have to juggle to maneuver the drone where you want it and get the shot of a lifetime! Whether you’re preparing for travel to a new and exciting destination or just want to get a new perspective of home, I’ll get you in the air and flying safely in no time.

About New England Drone Solutions

Problems require solutions, not just a service.

There’s an old adage that says that a person who buys a drill doesn’t really need a drill….they need a hole put in something. The drill is just the how.

Likewise, a person in need of a drone pilot is in a very similar situation. The drone is just the how. Depending on the specifics, the what in their situation could be a photographer, a videographer, a marketer, a communicator, or any of dozens of other possibilities.

Recognizing that is the first step in recognizing the difference between a service provider and a solutions provider. New England Drone Solutions was created to bring some of today’s most cutting-edge technology to bear on our client’s problems in very powerful and unique ways. Drones are wonderful tools, but they must be wielded by someone who recognizes that, for the client, the drone is just the platform for the camera…and the camera is what will be solving the client’s issue.

About Eric

As an FAA-licensed commercial drone pilot, Eric is New England Drone Solutions’ owner and remote pilot in command. With an extensive background in technology, photography, and consulting, he is ideally positioned to determine clients’ needs and then apply the right technology in the right way to get those needs met. 

The Work

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Let’s fly!

Everything you need to get in touch can be found below. Give a call, send an email, or use the contact form. I’ll get in touch as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your interest in New England Drone Solutions!

Headquartered in beautiful Simsbury, CT, I serve the entire southern New England region.



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